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White Formula manufacture trailers on behalf of many well known companies in the UK, such as Topper International, Cirrus Boats and Alto Boats.  Our in-house team can make a trailer to your drawings/dimensions, or if you prefer bring your boat to us and we will manufacture a trailer around it to ensure a perfect fit.

We also make launching trolleys for all the boats that we make trailers for. In some cases it is possible to use a launching trolley in conjunction with a road base trailer which connect to each other to create a road trailer.  This is almost always a cheaper option than buying a complete trailer and a trolley, a combination trailer performs exactly as a purpose built road trailer.


Best of the Best


We make a standard catamaran trailer that will accommodate any catamaran that can legally be towed without being de-beamed or tilted. We can also make custom trailers to your requirements.


Box Trailers come in many sizes.  The most common is an 8ft x 3ft x 2ft steel box. Mostly used for catamarans but also used for dinghies when a lot of kit is required.

Open top box trailers are also very common, they can be used to tow away garden rubbish, wood or almost anything else.


We make dinghy trailers for several large boat manufacturers.

We can make a trailer for almost any dinghy such as Laser, Mirror, Optimist, RS (all), Tenders, Challenger, Fireball, Contender, Merlin Rocket and Hornet. The list is not exhaustive.


Dragon boat trailers are so big that we are only able to make 2 at a time, Lead times will need to agreed at time of ordering due to the size

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