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The launch of the Thinair V2 delivers continuous improvement on an already impressive design. Everything from the hull, the gantry, the foils and even the wings has been made lighter, stiffer and stronger than ever before.

Hull and foils are designed by Dave Hollam with technical input all the way from Mike Lennon. This is a craft designed to compete at the highest level.

Bursting with new ideas and up-to-date trends like trampoline tubes that allow easy movement of mainsheet positions, faired pushrod entry, anhedral foils along with new bowsprit, prodder, king post mount and finished in new, tougher paint.

The Thinair project utilises the best professionals, tools and materials in a large state-of-the-art facility on the East coast of the UK. The experience, material selection and the latest build techniques result in a structure that is lighter, stiffer, stronger and very reliable.

We know Moth control systems need to work. Thats why we finish the boats to a standard Moth sailors will understand.

To find out more follow the link to the Thinair website.

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