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In the Booth

So lockdown is back, and it has bought winter with it! So that’s a bit of a double whammy of bad news for us in the sailing world and it can seem like watching the America's Cup is the closest we will get to sailing right now. However with time on the water slowing down, that means more time for boat work, and in our case more time in the spray booth especially.

Most of our spray booth hours are spent on our moth, the Thinair v2. With weight being crucial, spraying is the best form of application. However, as well as working on new boats, the spray booth sees a fair few tried and tested boats looking for a bit of love. A respray is the best way to make an impact, bringing most boats back up to their former glory and honestly looking better than brand new.

We use some of the hardest paint (giving durability) and best kit (we are very proud of our spray guns) helping us achieve the best possible finish and ultimately, the best possible product.

Here's our latest respray on a set of ETF 26 foils.

Yeah we think they look pretty mint.

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